Buzzy Japanese restaurant serving sushi, steak & other traditional entrees since 1984.

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Appetizers (14)

Miso Soup


Red miso, tofu, and Scallion.
Washu Beef Teriyaki


Seared washu beef with ponzu sauce.


Octopus Sashimi with Vinegary Sauce.
Kinuta Hamachi


Yellowtail & Shrimp Wrapped in Cucumber & Nori Seaweed.
House Salad


mixed greens with homemade sesame dressing.


  Boiled Green Soy Beans with Sea Salt.


Snow Crab Meat with Vinegary Sauce.
Kinuta Eel


Eel & Avocado wrapped in Cucumber. 
Mixed Seaweed Salad


Four kinds of seaweed with Hasaki sesame dressing.


Boiled spinach served with grated sesame sauce.
Agedashi Tofu


Deep-fried tofu with grated daikon, scallion, and dashi.
Grilled Black Cod


Marinated in Yuzu citrus sauce.
Beef Teriyaki


Stir-fried beef with teriyaki sauce.
Mushroom Touban


Mushrooms are seared with soy, sake, and butter.

Entrees (10)

Sushi Regular


Eight-piece sushi and one roll.
Sushi Omakase


Chef's selection of Nine-piece or Twelve piece sushi with fatty tuna scallion roll
Sashimi Regular


Six kinds, thirteen pieces of sashimi.
Sashimi Omakase


Chef's selection of assorted sashimi.
Sushi & Sashimi


Four pieces of sushi, four kinds of sashimi with tekka tuna roll.
Sushi & Sashimi Omakase


Chef's selection of sushi and sashimi with fatty tuna scallion roll.
Chirashi Regular


Assortment of sashimi on a bed of sushi rice.
Chirashi Omakase


Chef's selection of assorted sashimi on a bed of sushi rice.
Bluefin Tekka Don


Bluefin tuna sashimi on a bed of sushi rice.
Salmon Oyako Don


Seared salmon and salmon roe on a bed of sushi rice.