why we started

Why Chekout Was Started

Chekout was created in early 2020 to help restaurants widen their reach without having to face the high fees associated with most other delivery companies.
Realizing that many restaurants were struggling due to COVID-19, we wanted to create a food delivery platform that would support both the restaurant and the consumer.

Restaurants Keep 100% of Their Profits

Restaurants love Chekout because they get to keep all of their profits, which makes their lives easier, helps them continue to thrive and keeps them connected to consumers who might have walked away from food delivery due to high costs and hidden fees. Our vision is to give restaurants hope and allow the industry everyone loves to stay afloat during tough times.

Consumers Don’t Pay Crazy Fees

Customers love Chekout because they can continue supporting their favorite restaurants through the pandemic and beyond without paying the crazy prices and fees associated with other delivery companies. When you order with Chekout, we guarantee that you’ll never experience inflated costs or excessive fees.

Chek(us)out In Your City

After launching in New York City, Chekout is expanding into the Tri-State area and other major cities that have been exhausted by high pricing.